A unique concept
for a unique place

At some point, everyone vows to live their dream and leave their mark on the planet.

When I came to Montenegro 7 years ago and discovered Skadar Lake, I instantly knew that my time had come to do both.
I fell in love with Montenegro and especially with the lake, where I wanted to develop a responsible, prestigious project worthy of this unique, exclusive setting.
Montenegro has made the bold and wise choice of putting the environment first, and this project is designed to be its most luxurious showcase.

The prospects for Skadar Lake are unparalleled in Europe, thanks to its unique landscape, plant and animal life, and perfectly preserved untamed beauty.
I selected the absolute best location inside the national park and joined forces with François Leclercq, one of the greatest French architects, who channeled his considerable talent and the effort of his teams into creating a prestigious eco resort that preserves that nature of the site.

I wanted to make an association with the group The Oberoi Luxury resort and spa who is the most luxurious of the world and the construction company Pizzarotti to provide the best services. Today, we are finally ready to present our project to you, bringing my dream to life and leaving a mark on the world with this place of purity, beauty, and enjoyment, to keep the spirit of the lake alive.

President Montenegro Resort Company