A unique and exclusive setting:

Discover the villas in this unparalleled location, actively protected from mass tourism, is a special privilege. This means that these 30 villas are the first and last to be built within Skadar Lake park.

One of the main reasons that these villas were allowed to be constructed in a protected natural space is their low environmental impact, designed to be in perfect harmony with their surroundings. Each boasts a floor area of 520 m², a private pool, and top-tier amenities.

Montenegro Resort Company is offering 2 types of hotel villas :

« on the hill »

These 2-story villas hug the slope and are available in 3 main varieties depending on their geographical location on the hill.
The villas that are mid-slope follow and adapt to the incline with a series of terraces like a waterfall of wood, stones, and greenery. They are arranged as a series of spaces fit into the slope, as though the natural line of the hill continued through the interior of the villa.

Ground level


Villas « on the water »

The villas on the water are set right near the shoreline and laid out around a patio. The pool is set in the middle of the house to offer a visual extension of the lake, as though the villa were hollowed out to let the lake in, creating a close, almost intimate relationship between home and lake.

Ground level


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