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The national park provides habitat for a rich diversity of plants both on land and in the lake, as well as many animal species, which take advantage of this vast protected natural reserve.

Skadar Lake is a major stopover for many birds migrating between Europe and Africa, welcoming 264 species of birds, some of them threatened.
To name just a few, you will find Dalmatian Pelicans (symbol of the lake and the national park), mallards, common snipe, common loons, Eastern imperial eagles, Eurasian eagle-owls, and black-headed gulls…...
The park is also home to 48 species of fish including common carp, common bleak, European eel, and European chub. Mammals abound in the forest and around the lake, amidst the oaks, hornbeams, and chestnut trees, including European water voles, wolves, red foxes, and European otters.