A majestic
and bewitching location

Hidden away in the south of Montenegro, in a stunning swathe of pristine nature, Skadar Lake National park is a unique place offering breathtaking vistas and spectacular landscapes.

There is no resisting the charm of this undiscovered region, still sheltered from mass tourism, when you experience it for the first time.


The park,

a series of mountains and valleys that stretch over nearly 400 km², is covered with forests, marshes, and brooks. It is home to traditional villages that are reached by winding paths through lush, perfectly preserved natural landscapes.

Skadar Lake,

at the center of the park, is the largest lake on the Balkan Peninsula. It varies between 370 km² and 530 km² in size with the seasons and water level. Often covered with the lily pads for which it is famous, it is an important resting place for migratory species.